The Congressional Tri-Caucus Chairs’ Statement on the Proposed Fiscal Year 2012 Republican Budget

The Congressional Tri-Caucus

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For Immediate Release: April 6, 2011
Communications Director: Stephanie L. Young CBC o: 202.226.5312 c: 202.731.2621
Communications Director: Gabriela Domenzain, CHC, 202.226.1390
Communications Director: Austin Vevurka, CAPAC, 202.225.5464

The Congressional Tri-Caucus Chairs’ Statement on the Proposed Fiscal Year 2012 Republican Budget

Washington, DC – Today, the Congressional Tri-Caucus—comprised of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus— released the following statement on the Republican Leadership’s proposed Fiscal Year 2012 budget:

“We unequivocally reject the Republican Leadership’s budget. Their reckless and draconian cuts will not benefit our children and grandchildren as they so proclaim. Rather, this budget will severely harm our communities.

“The Republican Leadership’s budget framework prioritizes the wealthy at the expense of our seniors and minority communities. Recklessly cutting vital programs like job training, education, and health care for millions of hardworking American families is not a roadmap to balancing the budget; it is a dangerous road to nowhere.

“Our communities, which continue to suffer disproportionately from the recession, deserve better. This budget will hinder our economic recovery and do nothing to create jobs. American families deserve educational opportunities for their children. They deserve access to affordable healthcare for their families. They also deserve the assurance that Social Security and Medicare will be there for them in retirement.

Hardworking American families are not the Republican leadership’s priority, but they are the priority of the Congressional Tri -Caucus.”

- Chairman Emanuel Cleaver, II
- Chairwoman Judy Chu
- Chairman Charles Gonzales



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