Message to America

by Congresswoman Donna Christensen (D-VI) / 4.11.11

It is important that everyone understands that in their proposed 2012 budget, Republicans are diverting money from programs needed by the poor, seniors and people with disabilities to  corporations and the wealthy in our country.

Their attack on Medicare and Medicaid has nothing to do with reducing the deficit. It is simply a ruse to kill these two programs they tried to block from the outset and have been trying to destroy for years

If budgets are a statement of one’s values, what Republican values allow them to deny help to those in need.

Under the Bush policies which they are continuing, between 2000 and 2007 the richest 10% of people in this country received all – 100% – of our income growth? The poor and middle class continued to fall down the income ladder.

The drastic cuts and changes they are trying to make in Medicare would put seniors at the mercy of private insurers and then only help them with a shrinking part of their premiums.

Their cutting almost 800 billion out of Medicaid and making it a block grant for governors to use as they see fit would mean even dropping more people from the program and cutting important benefits.

Together with their continuous attack of healthcare reform, they are effectively slamming the door to access to quality health care in the faces of those who were just preparing to enter – some for the very first time.

And none of this creates jobs or helps the economy. It is simply part of their plan to deny President Obama his deserved second term.

The CBC will do everything we can to block their efforts. We also need you to do your part.


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