The Congressional Tri-Caucus Chairs’ Statement on the 100th Day of the 112th Congress Without a Jobs Bill

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For Immediate Release: April 14, 2011
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The Congressional Tri-Caucus Chairs’ Statement on the 100th Day of the 112th Congress Without A Jobs Bill

Washington, DC – Today, the Congressional Tri-Caucus—comprised of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus— released the following statement on the 100th Day of the 112th Congress without a jobs bill:

“Today marks the 100th day of in the 112th Congress, which means 100 days for the House of Representatives under Republican Leadership,” said Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II, Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus. “As the Congressional Black Caucus prepares to present our Fiscal Year 2012 Alternative Budget, the Republican Leadership has yet to offer one jobs bill or any solutions for job creation. Instead they continue to offer draconian cuts that will critically wound and significantly impact vulnerable communities. Stripping our children of educational opportunities, ending Medicare as we know it, raising health care costs for seniors, and cutting vital programs for our communities.

“Our nation’s communities of color have been hit hardest by the effects of the recession. Even as our nation’s economy slowly emerges from the recession, our communities experience disproportionately higher rates of unemployment, home foreclosure, educational disadvantages, and economic hardships. As a result, vulnerable communities increasingly rely on public programs to meet their basic needs, but these are the programs the Republican leadership eradicates with their budget.

“No jobs, just cuts. No investment in our communities, no recovery. We must do better–we owe it to the American people.”


- Chairman Emanuel Cleaver, II



“In 2007, when Democrats were in control of the House of Representatives, we implemented the 9/11 Commission Recommendations, increased the minimum wage, expanded stem cell research, ensured lowered prescription drug costs, cut interest rates on student loans and invested in renewable energy in our first 100 hours,” said Congressman Charles A. Gonzalez, Chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.  “In stark contrast, in the first 100 days of the Republican lead house they have not only ignored America’s number one concern,  job creation, but have introduced a budget plan that would end Medicare, cut education for children, raise college costs for 10 million students and slash support for seniors in nursing homes.  In fact, if anyone has come out winning these first 100 days of the Republican led congress, it’s the wealthiest Americans whose tax cuts would become permanent if Republicans got their way, it’s companies who are shipping jobs overseas who would receive tax breaks if Republicans got their way, and it’s the large corporations who would receive tens of billions in tax breaks if Republicans got their way.

“The Latino community and the communities which the Tri-Caucus advocates for stand to lose the most from the Republican agenda.  Our unemployment rates are still significantly higher than the national average and we’re more dependent on safety-net programs which today face an uncertain future. It is those who are most vulnerable who will pay for Republicans’ priorities.

“America cannot afford to let Republicans get their way.  I am proud to stand with the Tri-Caucus to decry their efforts and vow to continue our defense of all Americans whose interests are being disregarded by the Republican majority. ”


- Chairman Charles A. Gonzalez



“Today marks the 100th day of the Republican House majority, and for 100 straight days they have done nothing to create jobs,” said Congresswoman Judy Chu, Chairwoman of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus. Instead of focusing on putting American’s back to work, Republicans are trying to take away health care from our nation’s most needy citizens, and cut funding that ensure all have equal access to an affordable college education.  Instead of making hurtful cuts to Medicaid and Pell Grants, Republicans should join Democrats and strengthen our middle class and minority communities with investments in job growth and education.”


- Chairwoman Judy Chu




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