Chairman Cleaver’s Statement on the Republican Leadership’s Political Posturing on the American Jobs Act


For Immediate Release: October 5, 2011

Communications Director:  Stephanie L. Young 

Washington, DC – Today, Chairman Emanuel Cleaver, II released the following statement on the Republican Leadership’s political posturing over the American Jobs Act:

“I am beyond disappointed that the Republican Leadership expressed the fact that they have no intention of bringing President Obama’s Jobs Bill, The American Jobs Act, to the House floor for consideration. Millions of Americans, including 16.7% of African Americans, continue to suffer from unemployment.  We are at a critical point in our nation’s history and the time for bold action is now. The time for political grandstanding and posturing has no place in this Congress, given the economic crisis we now face because of years of fiscal irresponsibility. This August, we traveled around the country and saw firsthand over 30,000 unemployed or underemployed Americans who flocked to the Congressional Black Caucus For the People Jobs Initiative Job Fairs and Town Halls, desperately searching for an opportunity to care for themselves and their families. I am flabbergasted that the Republican Leadership continues to play political games with the livelihood of the American people. The American Jobs Act is a bill based on bipartisan ideas that will help put people back to work.  The jobs created by this bill form the backbone of our communities: teachers, first responders, and construction workers. This is a chance for us to show the American people that we have their best economic interests at heart. To demonstrate that this Congress is both morally and fiscally responsible, bring this bill to the House Floor for immediate consideration and passage.”

- Chairman Emanuel Cleaver, II


Chairman Cleaver’s Statement on the Passing of Civil Rights Leader Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth


Washington, DC – Today, Chairman Emanuel Cleaver, II released the following statement on the Passing of Civil Rights Leader, Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth:


“I am saddened by the passing of my friend and mentor, Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, but I also rejoice for the life he lead while here on earth. A founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), he was a fearless leader. Rev. Shuttlesworth was arrested, survived beatings, and lived through bombings so that every child in this country could have the opportunity to achieve the American dream. Because he lived, our country is one step closer to making the promise of America the practice.  As a young man in the SCLC, I fondly remember the introduction that preceded Rev. Shuttlesworth: ‘When God allowed Bull Conner to be born, he created Fred Shuttlesworth as his exact change’.


“We will greatly miss the “change” that was Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, family, and friends.”


- Chairman Emanuel Cleaver, II

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