The American Jobs Act and the African American Community

With unemployment among African-Americans unacceptably over 16% and 1.4 million African Americans out of work for 6 months or longer, inaction is not an option. We need Congress to act now and pass a bill that has clear benefits to put America back to work and support those hardest hit by the economy, especially African-Americans.

• The President’s plan to expand unemployment insurance will benefit 1.4 million African-Americans and their families.

• Provide Tax Cuts that will help over 100,000 African-American Owned Small Businesses, while also expediting payment for government contracts.

• Extension and expansion of the payroll tax cut will benefit 20 million African-American workers. This will keep over 1,000 in their wallet.

• Provide relief though a new Pathways Back to Work Fund to help hundreds of thousands of low-income youth and adults with opportunities to work and to achieve needed training in growth industries.

• The President’s plan will also build on jobs through programs like the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program (TANF) that will provide relief to over 35% of unemployed African American youth.

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