Chairman Cleaver’s Statement On the Republican Leadership’s Rejection of a House Vote on the Bipartisan Senate Bill

Washington, DC – Chairman Emanuel Cleaver, II released the following statement on the Republican Leadership’s rejection of a House vote of the bipartisan Senate bill:

“The Republican Leadership has proven their allegiance does not lie with the American people.  Today, they denied a vote on the Bipartisan Senate bill, that 90% of the Senate supported, which would have extended the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits.  This not only hurts hard working American families, but further compromises our fragile economy. This is beyond preposterous and most importantly, unfair to the American people. The Republican Leadership shut the door to a much needed  legislative solution, which would have provided the American people with some relief during this holiday season. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus have worked diligently to ensure that those who have suffered the most from the recession receive necessary protections.  The bill they are failing to consider would have extended unemployment benefits through the end of February for millions of American families, reduced taxes for the middle class, and extended Temporary Assistance for Needy Families programs (TANF). Enough is enough.


“I am proud of the Congressional Black Caucus’s hard work on this issue. We sent a letter to House Leadership urging for the extension of unemployment insurance for millions of Americans. We offered18 amendments to the Republicans Leadership’s “no-jobs”  bill to ensure those in our most vulnerable communities were not forgotten. We led Special Order Hours on unemployment and took action by bringing a point of order to an unfunded mandates provision to the Floor. I know our work is not in vain because we never cease to fight on behalf of the American people.

“I am troubled by what I have seen today, and I can only hope that the Republican Leadership realizes what is at stake, the livelihood and the future of the American people.”

Chairman Emanuel Cleaver, II

’s Qta��~�lorrow that will help to provide confidence and security for millions of American families. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus along with President Obama, remain committed to working together to create a year-long agreement to extend the payroll tax cuts and unemployment insurance as well as ensure that seniors can continue to see the doctor of their choice. It is now my hope that we can finally continue to work on behalf of the people.”
-          Chairman Emanuel Cleaver, II

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