Chairman Cleaver’s Statement Celebrating Black History Month

Washington, DC – Today, Chairman Emanuel Cleaver, II released the following statement in honor of Black History Month:

“Since the formal inception of the Congressional Black Caucus in 1971, the thirteen founders introduced and sponsored legislation on a range of issues, including voting rights, employment, education, health care, and foreign policy. The members of the Congressional Black Caucus have advanced black political interests in the United States for more than forty years. There is no time more relevant to commemorate our advancement than the month that celebrates the meaningful roles African Americans have played and continue to play in shaping our great history as a nation—Black History Month.


“To this day, the CBC continues to serve as the ‘Conscience of the Congress’ by breaking barriers, shattering glass ceilings, and providing a voice to the voiceless on issues most important to the American people. While we have come far as a Caucus and nation, too many African Americans still face obstacles that hinder our ability to close the opportunity gap. CBC Members have seen first-hand the desperate need for job creation through our For the People Jobs Initiative; where tens of thousands of our constituents stood in line for hours to apply for jobs. Our constituents want to work; they need to work. As legislators and as a Caucus, we are doing all we can –introducing H. Res. 348 as well as over fifty pieces of legislation to ensure job creation.


“The CBC remains committed to working with Congress and the President to responsibly reduce the deficit, while safeguarding the progress that we have made in the job market by investing in our future. As we reflect, celebrate, and honor Black History Month as a nation, we must keep in mind that we have miles to go and cannot rest until every child has equal access to pursue the American Dream.”


-          Chairman Emanuel Cleaver, II

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