The Tri-Caucus Chairs Speak Out Against Divisive Presidential Campaign Rhetoric

Washington, DC: The Chairs of the Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus released the following statements on the divisive rhetoric heard throughout the Presidential Primary race:


“While millions of Americans continue to face unemployment, home foreclosure and many other important issues, now is not the time for divisive rhetoric on the campaign trail or anywhere else for that matter,” stated Chairman Emanuel Cleaver of the Congressional Black Caucus.  ”Now is the time for us to come together to work on solutions for every American regardless of their ethnic or socio-economic background. I cannot stand by while people of color and the economically disadvantaged in this country continue to be used as punching bags by presidential candidates who are vying to serve all Americans whether rich, poor, black, white, Latino or Asian. Our nation has struggled with racism and inequality throughout history.  Allowing extremists to participate in panel discussions, calling President Obama the ‘Food Stamp President’, and saying African Americans are overly dependent on handouts and government assistance are unacceptable, vicious attacks.  Given the rich cultural diversity of our country, there is no doubt that the American people deserve better than this. The CBC is launching a rapid response team to speak out immediately as these issues tinged with racial hatred and bigotry continue to arise and I encourage my Congressional colleagues to do the same. Let’s keep the rhetoric respectful, civil and move this country forward.”


“In order to solve our country’s most pressing problems, it’s time we move toward a more civil tone”, said Chairman Charlie Gonzalez of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.  ”The discourse in Washington D.C. and on the campaign trail has become increasingly vitriolic and many times, outrageous statements that are completely lacking factual roots are thrown about with no checks for accountability.   This constant deluge of misinformation only serves to bog down the political process. It was also gravely disheartening to see the CPAC organizers validate the extremist rants of Peter Brimelow by giving them a platform. It’s time Republicans clean up their act and be held accountable for these falsehoods and incendiary comments. The American people want solutions and they are eagerly watching.”


“I am a firm believer that those running for elected office should hold themselves to the highest of standards and treat Americans of all backgrounds with civility and respect”, said Chairwoman Judy Chu of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus.  “Our political leaders should not rely on divisive rhetoric that pits Americans against one another.  We must remember that this country is great because it welcomes people of all backgrounds and views, and if those who want to lead this country fail to recognize that fact, they don’t deserve to lead us.”

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