Chairman Cleaver Responds to the American Legislative Exchange Council’s Decision to Terminate the Task Force Responsible for “Stand Your Ground” and Voter ID Laws

“I was elated to hear that the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) will no longer have a public safety and election taskforce. I hope that ALEC’s statement is more than just a public relations maneuver, but that this organization will disengage in the practices of drafting and advocating for legislation that is overtly harmful to and tramples on the rights of the American people. ALEC, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, serving as a champion for such divisive, misguided, and political issues such as state voter ID laws and the reckless ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws has the potential to irreparably harm the premise of ‘liberty and justice for all’–a founding principle of this great nation.

As the ‘Conscience of the Congress’, the Congressional Black Caucus cannot and will not rest until these deplorable laws are repealed and the proposed legislation is withdrawn and no longer introduced. To prevent any further injustice and until ALEC can stand with us in this critical mission, we will continue to encourage companies and supporters to terminate their membership.”

-Chairman Emanuel Cleaver, II

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