CBC Chairman Cleaver’s Statement on Pennsylvania Court’s Voter ID Ruling

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                          October 2, 2012
Contact: Ayofemi Kirby

CBC Chairman Emanuel Cleaver’s Statement on Pennsylvania Court’s Voter ID Ruling

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Emanuel Cleaver released the following statement today after Judge Robert Simpson of the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania partially blocked and delayed full implementation of Pennsylvania’s voter ID law:

“Today brought another victory for those committed to protecting the right to vote for all Americans. Pennsylvania now joins Texas, Ohio and other states across the country in recognizing that requiring citizens to obtain a voter ID places an undue and excessive burden on eligible voters, mostly from minority communities, that is difficult to overcome.

“While we should be implementing policies that remove obstacles to greater participation in our democracy, these proposed voter ID laws created additional ones. I am pleased Judge Simpson blocked the provision that would have required Pennsylvania voters to show an ID at the polls and I look forward to full resignation of the proposed law.

“I would also like to commend the people of Pennsylvania who, in spite of the difficulties reported, waited hours at local DMVs to complete the documents required to ensure they will be prepared vote this fall. Their commitment to exercising their right in the face of efforts to take it away is a testament to the plight of Americans who came before them, bled and died so no one would be turned away at the polls.

“The Congressional Black Caucus remains opposed to any effort in this country that suppresses its voters and that disenfranchises its citizens. We applaud today’s decision and will continue our vocal disapproval of these discriminatory and unjust laws.”


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