Technology and Infrastructure Development

Co-Chairs: Laura Richardson, Eddie Bernice Johnson
Members: Corinne Brown, Bobby Rush, Elijah Cummings, Donna Christensen, Hank Johnson, Terri Sewell

The Technology and Infrastructure Development Taskforce is co-chaired by Laura Richardson and Eddie Bernice Johnson. The House Committees of jurisdiction for the Taskforce are the Committees on Energy and Commerce, Science, Space, and Technology, and Transportation and Infrastructure.

As the world continues to evolve into a global economy and our nation’s infrastructure—especially in communities of color—continues to deteriorate, the CBC is increasing its focus on the technological and infrastructure needs within our communities. Recently through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the CBC created monumental infrastructure investments in communities.

Advancements in science and technology have created advanced computer programming, and the process of “technology transfer”—which creates public-private partnerships among institutions of higher learning, local businesses, governments, and non-profits to generate new businesses from research and development. Technology transfer and infrastructure investments are more important now than ever, as these investments serve as a direct path to creating jobs and more sustainable communities.

The Technology and Infrastructure Development Taskforce works on issues to improve access to technology by closing the digital divide and expanding broadband access to disadvantaged communities. It also works to increase quality of and access to STEM education and ensure investment of resources in our communities. Ultimately, the work of the taskforce will shore up the pipeline of black scientists and engineers, equity in the transportation market, and better participation in minority contracting within these critical fields. The taskforce is aligned with the Committees on Energy and Commerce, Science, Space and Technology, as well as Transportation and Infrastructure. The applicable portions of the House of Representatives Rule X for this taskforce’s jurisdiction are as follows:

Committee on Energy and Commerce.

(4) Interstate energy compacts.

(5) Interstate and foreign commerce generally.

(14) Regulation of interstate and foreign communications.

(15) Travel and tourism.

Committee on Science and Technology.

(3) Civil aviation research and development.

(6) Commercial application of energy technology.

Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

(10) Construction or maintenance of roads and post roads (other than appropriations therefor).

(12) Merchant marine (except for national security aspects thereof).

(16) Public buildings and occupied or improved grounds of the United States generally.

(17) Public works for the benefit of navigation, including bridges and dams (other than international bridges and dams).

(19) Roads and the safety thereof.

(20) Transportation, including civil aviation, railroads, water transportation, transportation safety (except automobile safety and transportation security functions of the Department of Homeland Security), transportation infrastructure, transportation labor, and railroad retirement and unemployment (except revenue measures related thereto).

(21) Water power.

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