Stand Up!

Well over five months—and over 100 days—into the 112th Congress, the Republican Leadership continues to prevent critical jobs legislation from being considered and passed. Instead they continue to cut funding to critical programs that directly and negatively impact our country’s most vulnerable communities, costing hundreds of thousands of jobs. The CBC remains committed to strengthening the job market by investing in our future. Investing in our communities goes hand in hand with full economic recovery. No investment, no recovery. 

As our Communities unemployment hovers at devastating sixteen point one percent the CBC hears the American people loud and clear and we are answering the call! Starting now through Labor Day, we will work diligently and with great haste to move those who are unemployed to jobs.

From community meetings with the American people to job fairs and fact-finding hearings, we will be working diligently to respond to our constituents. At the conclusion of the initiative, the CBC will continue to focus on job creation and economic development.

Now here is where you fit in. If the CBC has an opportunity to stop by your city and talk to you where would YOU like for us come? What issues related to jobs and unemployment would you like to discuss? Send your suggestions in to our , or the right here. We look forward to hearing from you as we continue along this journey to make the promise of America the Practice. Stand up with the CBC!

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the Caucus at .

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