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Congressional Black Caucus Members have been fervently working to protect the voting rights of all Americans. During the 112th Congress, CBC Members introduced or co-sponsored the following legislation that would protect or enhance voter accessibility in America:

See a full list of actions taken by CBC Members during the 112th Congress to protect voting rights.

Click here to find a National Voter Registration Day Event near you.

State laws

Different states have different voting laws in regards not only to voter identification, but also in regards to same-day voter registration, early voting, and absentee voting. Be sure to know the laws in your state to ensure that you register to vote on time and that you have the requisite identification, if any, when you show up to the polls on election day. Below is a breakdown of what types of voter identification is required in each state. Download a full list of state-by-state requirements here.

Require Photo Voter ID Only

○        Texas
○        Kansas
○        Wisconsin
○        Indiana
○        Mississippi
○        Tennessee
○        Alabama
○        Georgia
○        South Carolina
○        Pennsylvania

Photo Voter ID Requested

○        Hawaii
○        Idaho
○        South Dakota
○        Oklahoma
○        Louisiana
○        Michigan
○        Florida
○        Rhode Island

Photo Voter ID Legislation Proposed

○        Alaska
○        Washington
○        California
○        Nevada
○        Montana
○        Colorado
○        New Mexico
○        Nebraska
○        Minnesota
○        Iowa
○        Missouri
○        Arkansas
○        Illinois
○        Ohio
○        West Virginia
○        North Carolina
○        Virginia
○        New York
○        Connecticut
○        New Jersey
○        Delaware
○        Maryland
○        Massachusetts
○        New Hampshire
○        Maine

No Existing Photo Voter ID Law,  No Current Legislation

○        Oregon
○        Arizona
○        Utah
○        Wyoming
○        North Dakota
○        Kentucky
○        Vermont

For more information on what the voting laws are in your state, please visit the ACLU’s website.

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